Design Tips

It is a good idea to have a small selection of different shape and size vases /containers for your flowers.

For eg. A tall slim vase, a low roundish bowl or jug, a medium size "every day" vase.

Choose a container that you want to use and buy flowers with this in mind... Tell your florist and they can discuss suitable flowers for size (height, width and depth)

Have a good look at the flowers and foliages available to you.... Think of the colours you have at home and if there is a style you would like to create.

For eg. Country kitchen style, blue and white colour theme.

Ask your Florist to display the flowers in their hand  to enable you to stand back and see the design taking shape...In this manner you can add to or remove things from the design and try them in different positions.

You can re-produce the design at home or ask the florist to tie the flowers in position for you.

Have a look further down the page for some seasonal design ideas that you can creat very easily...without spending a fortune!

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design tips