Care Advice

Basic Cut flower care.

Cut flowers and foliages have a timeless beauty. Enjoy them while you can, at some point they will end.

Fresh flowers are part of life and their beauty is transitory. The moment they are cut they slowly begin to die. There are certain steps we can take to ensure they complete a full life cycle, buds, semi-mature and fully open flowers show beauty and interest at every stage.

Caring for your cut flowers and foliages.

Avoid placing your flowers in direct sunlight.
Avoid draughts.
Do not allow your flowers to freeze (e.g. in your car over night).
Always ensure vases and containers are clean.
Always ensure water is kept clean.
Use cut flower food if appropriate.
Keep flowers cool if possible.
Re-cut stem ends whenever possible.
Remove foliages below the waterline.
Leave thorns on stems if possible.
The least damage you cause to your stems the better.

To learn more…

Look up special care instructions for individual types of flowers and foliages online or contact your local florist.

Bouquets in a disposable vase

If you receive a bouquet in a disposable “vase” it will have a small water supply. Do not be afraid to investigate…usually you can lift the bouquet slightly out of the “vase” to see the water level.

It is possible to keep topping this up by gently pouring water into the bouquet itself.

The idea is, that you will not have to re-arrange the flowers when you first receive them.

Some people prefer to leave them as they are and others prefer to undo the packaging…. Either way flowers will require a fresh clean water supply to keep them healthy.

Pick over the flowers to remove the blooms that have passed their best…this will encourage buds to develop.

Arrangements in water retaining foam eg. Oasis

Look for a space between the Foam and the container and gently pour in fresh water. You can pour water directly onto the foam…Do this slowly… the foam will soak up as much as it can! The rest will spill off onto the surrounding surface (E.g. Priceless antique table)